typingcomp.gifCreating a Graph in EXCEL

Step 1:

Before we can begin we need to collect some data that we will later display in our graph.

We are going to make a graph of the Hair Color of the Students in Our Class

You must first take a tally. List the following hair colors on a piece of paper.





Now look around the classroom and record a tally mark for each person in the class next to their color of hair.

Great! Now you have your data.

Count the tally marks and get a total for each color.

Step 2:

Moving to the computer.

You will need to open a new worksheet in Excel. This symbol Picture_1.pngshould be in your dock on the bottom of your screen.

If this symbol Picture_1.png is not in your dock, you will need to click on the finder Picture_2.png then click on applications Picture_3.png . Now you will scroll down to click on Picture_5.png. In the new menu double click Picture_6.png. You are now ready to begin

Once Excel is open it should look like this: Picture_7.png

Type the name of the hair color in each of the boxes on the top line.

Now your worksheet will look like this: Picture_8.png
Notice that you put all the color names in row 1.

Now in row 2, you are going to add your total tally marks for each hair color.

Your worksheet will look like this, but your numbers will be different from mine. Picture_10.png

smilie_thinking.gif Step 3:

Now we are ready to make our graph. Since all of these students are in the same class, the class is our WHOLE. For this reason we are going to create a pie graph to display the haircolor of our WHOLE class.

First, click on Cell A1. That is the cell you typed Brown. Hold your clicker down while you drag your mouse across all the cells you have used.

It should look like this: Picture_11.png

Great, pretty easy right. If you didn't get it the first time, just try it again.

Once you have the cells highlighted you will need to click on the graphing tool at the top of your screen.

It looks like this: Picture_12.png

This will open a chart menu: Picture_13.png

You will need to choose a PIE chart under the Chart Types: Picture_14.png

Then click Next: Picture_15.png

At the next screen, click Picture_15.png again.

In the chart title box type: Hair Color Picture_17.png

Click on Data Labels and check the Show Value Option: Picture_19.png

Click Next: Picture_15.png

And Now click Finish: Picture_18.png

Using your graph, can you quickly tell me which hair color is the 2nd most common in your class?

Now that you have completed this graph, go back and using the same data, try to create another type of graph, such as a column or a bar graph. Just click on the graphing tool and click on a new type of graph. Excel will do the work for you.

Congratulations. You have learned how to create a graph using Excel! Wow, Way to go!


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